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Modern Ribbed Self-contained Outdoor Fountain

Modern Ribbed Self-contained Outdoor Fountain

SKU: 805845087915
$349.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price


  • Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete
  • Weathered Verdigris Finish
  • Includes Recirculating Water Pump
  • 19.29" Diameter x 43.31" Height



Enhance and add a touch of tranquility to your outdoor landscape or garden with our Verdigris finish, Cascading Ribbed Tower Fountain. As the water flows upward from the base it creates a continuous small pool of water, reminiscent of a natural spring, that gently flows over the top . The soothing sound of the water provides a calming ambiance to that favorite spot in your garden or green space. Complete your garden and create a dramatic appearance that serves as both a sculpture, as well as a calming water element. Our fountain features a self-contained pump that senses when the water is low and shuts off automatically. With minimal maintenance, our fountain will put you and guests at ease with the gentle, relaxing sound of trickling water. The fountain requires an electrical source without the need for additional plumbing.


  • Weathered Verdigris finish tower and base
  • Made of fiberglass reinforced concrete for years of enjoyment
  • Includes a premium recirculating pump that senses when the water level in the fountain drops too low, minimizing overheating that can cause pump burnout
  • Includes shims for leveling the fountain on an uneven surface
  • Assembly with one tool (included) in usually less than 1 hour



  • 19.29" Diameter x 43.31" Height



  • 85.5 lb



Brand - A&B Home

Dimensions: W x L x H - 19.29 in. x 19.29 in. x 43.31 in.

Material - Concrete

Type - Outdoor Fountain

Weight - 85.5 lb.

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